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With GEO, comfort is in your control and flexible to how you live, play and work. We’ve made the technology simple – no algorithms telling you how you should feel (we still believe that you know best on that one). At LUX Products, we like to think we’ve been invited into your home, not the other way around and our GEO is there to enhance your comfort experience.

GEO offers you the best of a ’smart’ thermostat in an attractive and affordable package

  1. Works with Amazon Alexa
  2. First true battery powered WIFI thermsotat when system power is not available
  3. Radius® geofencing feature to automatically save energy
  4. GEO can be mounted either vertically or horizontally for easy installation
  5. Free iOS and Android apps with easy scheduling feature
  6. Ability to control multiple thermostats in one or more locations from the same app
  7. Clean Cycle® fan circulation to always keep your home fresh